Our Mission

Our mission

We are committed to sustainability

Cebro Frozen Foods is a US based global provider of Farm to Frozen high quality IQF Vegetables. Generations of knowledge and experience have aligned our company with the tools and relationships to assist us in the pursuit of becoming more efficient, innovative, and sustainable. Our passion is to provide our customers with the utmost satisfaction and quality, using state of the art equipment and advanced technology.

We innovate. We create. We nurture.

Grower Owned

Farming 6000+ acres within an average distance of 4-5 miles from our processing plant.

From Seed to You

95% of Vegetables processed at Cebro Frozen Foods are grown by our owner. Our field department partners with our seed suppliers in the trialing of new varieties to maximize yields and improve quality from year to year.

Water Conservation

All plant waste water is treated and used for irrigation. Plant water supply wells are permitted through local government agencies and are monitored through contracted 3rd party water distribution system operators.

Energy Conservation

Built in 2010, we have a 1.75 Megawatt Solar Array field that currently supplies the majority of our electrical requirements. All plant lighting has been upgraded to high efficiency status. We have installed High Speed Roll-up zone separation doors throughout the facility to reduce refrigeration costs.

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